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The 21st Annual AAWP Conference
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28 - 30 November 2016
University of Canberra, Australia


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Conflicting and connecting narratives

Text Special Issue Number 34
Writing and Illustrating Interdisciplinary Research
Edited by Simon Dwyer, Rachel Franks, Monica Galassi and Kirsten Thorpe

Ross Watkins and Nigel Krauth
Radicalising the scholarly paper: New forms for the traditional journal article

Welby Ings
The visible voice: Typographical distinction in thesis writing

Paul Williams
The performative exegesis

James Vicars
Discarding the disclaimer? Reappraising fiction as a mode of biography

Andrew Craig
Closure and the novel

Jessica Seymour
Cartesian dreams, engagement aesthetics, and storytelling strategies in the online space

Vassiliki Veros
Marginalising children’s reading experiences: From series books to paratextual reading

Rosemary Williamson
Writing for transition: The role of food studies in the general academic writing classroom

Ruby Todd
‘In losing we have something to gain’: Examining the analogous movements of ‘mobilising’ absence in literary language, authorial impulse, and elegiac writing

Brentley Frazer
Beyond IS... Creative writing with English Prime


Dominic Carew, The Ministry of Greater Endeavour
Benjamin Brown, Tertiary
Patrick West, Poetry
Paddy O’Reilly, Rendering: the autobiography of a novel


Brentley Frazer, Untitled Plane Crash


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