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Establishment of The Australian National Writing Research Board, and The TEXT Research Library

TEXT enters now its fourth year of publication. As a refereed journal it has created and fostered the research culture in tertiary writing studies in Australia.These developments have enabled TEXT to enhance its role as an electronic publisher in the specialist area of tertiary writing studies. Its on-going periodical issue can now be enhanced by establishment of a permanent series of electronic publications of a more substantial nature.

The TEXT RESEARCH LIBRARY proposes web-publication (on a permanent site) of seminal research monographs and articles related to the area of creative and professional tertiary writing teaching.

This site will publish, and hold in perpetuity, substantial dissertations/exegeses for scholarship reference. It will be a central reference point for advanced writing studies in Australia and internationally.

The aim of the site is to support on-going research in the Writing area. Typically, a publication on this site will be:

No other project like this exists in the world. No other website is devoted to scholarly endeavour in the area of writing research. In fact, there is no other scholarly publication of any kind devoted to postgraduate and University research levels of writing or the teaching of writing.

It is proposed that:

this site be subject to establishment of an Australian national refereeing board: the NATIONAL WRITING RESEARCH BOARD;
membership of the Board comprises senior research-active academics who are also active AAWP members;
the Board appoint a coordinating Chair responsible for processes of submission, refereeing and web publication who reports to the Board;
membership of the Board lasts for two years (renewable);
submissions to the Board for refereed inclusion in the Library may be made only by an AAWP member (as proposer) who is, for example, the supervisor of a successful RHD project or an examiner of such, or the author of a substantial research article published in a venue other than the TEXT journal;
publication in the Library requires agreement of 3 Board members not including the proposer or another examiner involved in the original awarding of a successful research degree or the author of the work.

A Steering Board has been established. It comprises:

Professor Brian Dibble (Curtin University)
Dr Tess Brady (Deakin University)
Dr Kevin Brophy (Victorian College of the Arts/Melbourne University)
Associate Professor Nigel Krauth (Griffith University)
Associate Professor Anna Gibbs (University of Western Sydney)
Associate Professor Jeri Kroll (Flinders University)
Associate Professor Phillip Neilsen (Queensland University of Technology)
Associate Professor Glen Phillips (Edith Cowan University)
Dr Eva Sallis (Adelaide University)
Professor Claire Woods (University of South Australia)

Professor Brian Dibble and Associate Professor Nigel Krauth have accepted the joint role of co-Coordinating Chair until the next AAWP General Meeting at the Writing 2000 Conference (June 2000) where Terms of Reference and membership issues will be discussed and agreed upon.

AAWP members are invited to attend the General Meeting at the Writing 2000 Conference to contribute to the process of establishing this peak group and to comment on the advantages to the discipline inherent in this major research endeavour.


Introducing the TEXT Special Issue Website Series

In addition to the proposed reference library, and to open up an immediate on-going debate into special interest areas of the tertiary writing discipline in Australia, TEXT has set up an occassional series of web-based publications. These will be guest-edited and applications can be made to the editors of TEXT for further possible ideas for the series. The first number in the new TEXT Special Issue Website Series is devoted to Creative Nonfiction writing in Australia and has been edited by Donna Lee Brien and Nigel Krauth. It coincides with Professor Lee Gutkind's visit to Australia as a keynote speaker at the forthcoming Writing 2000 conference (June 23-26, 2000).


Update on the TEXT Editorial Team

Like the discipline itself, TEXT is expanding and developing. It is now jointly hosted, edited and published across two universities, Griffith University (School of Arts) and Deakin University (School of Literary and Communication Studies). In addition, we welcome Komninos Zervos to the editorial team. He will act as reviews editor for our next and ongoing publications. Komninos is a well known electronic artist and performance poet and with his input we look forward to developing our interest in publishing and fostering cutting edge research into hypertext writing.


Nigel Krauth
Tess Brady


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Vol 4 No 1 April 2000
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady