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C.M. Maling

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Writer's Block

I wonder if there is something in the water
a particle flowing down from the mining boom
as if the prospect of earning negates the process of creation
maybe it is the sunlight as it scatters across the page
how could anything I write be as brilliant
as that smattering of yellow.



Apple Monkey

I want to write clever poems
to put two words next to one another
that have never met before and
capture the meaning of everything in their four syllables
to continue wielding my pen and free Iran
whilst on a reality television show called
Australia's Next Nobel Prize Winning Poet
which naturally I win and the prize
is a million dollars which I shall use
to support my campaign for Prime Minister
where my policy leaflets will be so beautifully written
that the vote will be a landslide and
I am elected Supreme Overlord for Life and
when I die my last words will sum up the human condition
and I shall be buried on top of Gandhi's grave
but with a bigger tomb than any pharaoh and
all the children born after my death will bear my name
or the name of one of my poems and people
will no longer need a God
but most of all I want to be able to put
those two words next to one another.



Caitlin Maling has previously published in Australian journals Blue Dog, Voiceworks and Above Water. She completed a BA at the University of Melbourne and a Masters at the University of Cambridge (UK).



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Vol 14 No 1 April 2010
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb