University of Sydney


M.T.C. Cronin


the law of open gates


I have been keeping guard
at the exact spot where my
mind has its dealings with
the world. It is where I have
been taught the small oddness
between red and blue and
where the medium of the edge is
thick with the chill of outdoors.
Strange, it is also the place
my mind finds most evident
in silence and I cannot bear
its invitation which reads like
the epitaph of a great and
singular mountain - there is
nothing to account for the
metaphors that arise in you
at such times and there is
nothing to be gained by
choosing another more
easily moved. At this open
gate I sometimes sit and
take water and a little food
and think on the facts that
people will die and still die -
I could go there myself and
leave the gate clanging behind
but I do not yet want to lose
any part of the issue and so
firmly draw the line of the body
around me. Sometimes I wonder
when balancing here about
where I am originally from but
do not let the broad principles
settle anywhere for long - all
kinds of things can be done by
relating one person's fictional
character to another person's
fictional character but I cannot
go on the ferry - my child died
there in a dream. From where
I stand she is asking where she
fits but the engine simply roars
and leaves the question in its
wake. I see only a bit of all this.
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Vol 2 No 1 April 1998
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady