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from Mike Steinberg, Western Michigan University

Dear Editors,

Thanks for sending me the latest issue of the journal. Thanks for publishing the interview. The articles and reviews are interesting. I'm getting a sense of what's going on over there in creative writing. It seems to be a vital and alive conversation. I'm happy to have contributed something to it.. Donna Lee Brien asked all the right questions.She made me think carefully about my asnwers. And i the process, I discovered some things I didn't know I knew. I plan to go next year's AWP conference in New Orleans. Perhaps someday I can make it to your AAWP. All best,


from Jenny Weight , University of South Australia

Dear Editors

I was elected to the Board of ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) on a platform of developing support for elit in Australia. I would welcome your ideas on what you would like to see developed in support of elit.

I am also thinking of setting up a little email 'list' (not a proper list), through which I will periodically pass on info about elit activites in Australia that come to my attention. I might call it 'Convergence'. It is not intended that it will have much traffic. If you would like to be on this 'list' can you let me know backchannel?

Please feel free to pass this email to other elit Australians. My email is Jenny.Weight@unisa.edu.au.

from Moya Costello, University of South Australia

Dear Editors,

Anne Comte has two articles now in Text on an aesthetics/rhetoric of hypertext expecially in relation to fiction writing online (October 2000 and 2001).

I welcome her discussion of Barbara Page's article 'Women Writers and the Restive Text: Feminism, Experimental Writing and Hypertext'. Page's article first appeared online in Postmodern Culture [vol. 6, no. 2. http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/pmc/issue.196/page.196.html], and later in the book Cyberspace Textuality. When I first read it in 1996, I warmed to Page's original, inspiring and provocative discussion comparing hypertext and feminist experimental practice in print.

I have an article online that also uses Barbara Page's article. My article was published in M/C Reviews (A Journal of Media and Culture) in 2000. Entitled 'An Effort at Non-compliance' , my article was about a feminist experimental writing practice, referring to Australian feminist writers such as Pam Brown and Marion Campbell and describing my own practice: http://moby.curtin.edu.au/~ausstud/mc/reviews/features/women/effort.html.

I also used Page's article in talks at the Sydney and Melbourne Writers' Festivals when I was a guest at them both in 2000 on panels respectively called 'Cyberpoetics' and ' The Shock of the New'. I made comparisons between an aesthetics of hypertext and that of feminist experimental practice.

from Nigel Starck, University of South Australia

Dear Editors,

Goodbye! editor Steve Miller, quoted in my article in this edition of TEXT, has come close to being the subject of a candid obituary in his own magazine. He was on Level 55 of the World Trade Centre's north tower at 8.48am on September 11. In an email to members of the International Association of Obituarists, Miller has said that he was able to run down the fire escapes, then walked and ran across Brooklyn Bridge to his apartment, where he found the building closed by a bomb hoax.

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Vol 5 No 2 October 2001
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady