Christopher Mulrooney


fruit bat


like a fruit bat staring at his prey
with blind eyes in the sounding night
and leaving milky shit to mark his path
so goes the simile and the squeaks and squealing
all but inaudible i.e. outside human hearing
match the noises made by jungle creatures in echo

the darkness of the night's as good as day
to one who sees in neither

but similes only borrow and repay
the jungle's there the fruit bat takes no umbrage either

that is the way of fruit bats and of literature



Christopher Mulrooney has poems and translations in Renditions, Poetry Salzburg Review, Litspeak, Poetry and Audience, Folio, Euphony, Nimrod, The Northridge Review, etc. He is the author of notebook and sheaves.


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Vol 7 No 2 October 2003
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady