Robin Parmar




In about forty-five seconds there will be a great sound
like being locked naked in a room with no door,
a room with concrete four metres thick and anodised steel lining,
buried half a mile below the surface of the earth -
a sound like the void.

In about thirty seconds there will be a non-event,
a lack of cause with no effect,
a subjective completely free of any object.

In about twenty-four seconds
there will be a silence as words are evacuated
into the lack of language known only to
plants slowly striving towards the sun
or mute infants grasping their way across the floor.

In about sixteen seconds
time will cease counting,
the clocks will stop ticking,
your heart will stop pumping,
and all will wind down,
the very stars themselves
returning to the imaginary realm from which
the universe began.

In about five seconds I will stop writing and
there will be nothing,
left in the world of words,
the poem being done.



Robin Parmar is a sound artist, poet, programmer and theorist, who has appeared at numerous festivals. In 2005 he co-edited and designed Microphone On (White House Press), an anthology of one hundred poets who have performed in Limerick, Ireland.


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Vol 11 No 2 October 2007
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb