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From Doug Pollard

Dear Editors,

I saw the article by Clare Woods and Paul Skrebels on the web, and I wondered if you or someone you are in contact with might help me with a problem.

I am currently trying to persuade the Department of Immigration to allow me to work in Australia as a Technical Author, which has been my profession for many years, in the UK (I attach a CV for reference).

I am a member of the peak professional body in the UK, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

DIMA take the view that there is not much demand for Technical Writing skills in Australia, and that I do not therefore offer skills which would make a contribution to the Australian economy.

I am appealing this decision, and would welcome any support you or any of your colleagues could offer, e.g., a letter refuting the DIMA assertions.

I realise this is a lot to ask, but I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for your time.

This letter was passed onto the authors of the cited work... Eds.

from Jenny Millea, Editor, Australia's Cultural Network

Dear Editors

You and your readers may be interested in Australia's Cultural Network at http://www.acn.net.au and in its new discussion list, ausculture.

Australia's Cultural Network, at http://www.acn.net.au is the online gateway to Australian cultural resources, events, activities, news and websites.

The purpose of the ausculture list is to encourage discussion of Australian culture and cultural activities, especially in relation to using the Internet to improve public access to Australian cultural organisations and experiences.

It is also a forum to exchange ideas and information about ways cultural organisations and cultural workers can improve and develop their use of the Internet.

The ausculture home page is at

To subscribe to ausculture, visit our subscription page at http://www.acn.net.au/discuss/ausculture/subscribe.htm or send an email message to Majordomo@acn.net.au with the words subscribe ausculture in the body. Leave the subject line empty.

Australia's Cultural Network is an initiative of the Australian Federal Department of Communications and the Arts.

from "Dominic"

Dear Editors,

Pray tell, what is a spruiker?

Its not in my Oxford or my Websters.

And I can't glean it from this text by Graeme Webster.

New Zealand

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Vol 2 No 2 October 1998
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady Text@gu.edu.au