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Last update: 13th October 1998


AAWP Conference Details: Lighting the Fuse

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October 1998


Visit the web site for details: http://www.fuse.unisa.edu.au


News from the Conference

The Conference for 1999 will be held in Perth.
For further information contact Glen Phillips on g.phillips@eagle.ac.cowan.edu.au

The Conference for 2000 will be held on the Gold Coast at Griffith University.
For details contact Nigel Krauth n.krauth@mailbox.gu.edu.au or the office of TEXT


The following were elected, as regional representatives, to the new committee of the AAWP.

From W.A.
Glen Phillips g.phillips@eagle.ac.cowan.edu.au

From N.S.W.
Graham Williams mailto:graham.williams@uts.edu.au
Martin Harrison m.harrison@hum.uts.edu.au

From S.A.
Jeri Kroll Jeri.Kroll@flinders.edu.au
Roger Zubrinich rogerzub@tafe.sa.edu.au Eva Sallis driftw@camtecch.net.au

From Vic.
Judy Duffy jmduffy@bigpond.com
Judith Rodriguez rodju@deakin.edu.au

From Qld.
Tess Brady t.brady@mailbox.gu.edu.au
Nigel Krauth n.krauth@mailbox.gu.edu.au
or the office of TEXT text@gu.edu.au

From A.C.T.
Kate Deller-Evans sge@comserver.canberra.edu.au
Steve Evans sge@comserver.canberra.edu.au

From W.A. Andrew Taylor a.taylor@cowan.edu.au Glen Phillips g.phillips@eagle.ac.cowan.edu.au

This group will be joined by another nominated postgraduate student representative.


The ABC program- Poetica

We are currently working with Mike Ladd of Poetica aiming towards a program in late 1999 which reflects the voices of creative writing students from around the country.

Suitable work is being collected by region. For further details contact:
for W.A. - Andrew Taylor .taylor@cowan.edu.au
for S.A. - Jeri Kroll Jeri.Kroll@flinders.edu.au
for Vic. - Judy Duffy jmduffy@bigpond.com and Judith Rodriguez rodju@deakin.edu.au
for N.S.W. - Martin Harrison m.harrison@hum.uts.edu.au
for A.C.T. - Steve Evans sge@comserver.canberra.edu.au
for Qld. - Tess Brady t.brady@mailbox.gu.edu.au



A Week-end Forum Sponsored by the School of Arts Griffith University, Gold Coast.
24-25 October 1998, lecture rooms 1 &2 Griffith University Gold Coast.

The most postmodern of all Australian cities (Gold Coast Urban & Character Study)
City of the century (Gold Coast Bulletin)
Perfect one day, peculiar the next (Weekend Australian)

The Gold Coast occupies a unique and somewhat ambiguous position on the Australian cultural map and in our collective memory. To some it is a memory of a family holiday spot despoiled by glitter and glitz and unbridled development; to others it is a vibrant and dynamic 'world city' (or at least 'world tourist city') with its emphasis on leisure, entertainment, spectacle and consumerism. But to some there is a darker, troubling side: growing extremes of wealth and poverty; high unemployment; suburban sprawl and soulless shopping malls; and a fear of crime and deviance that begets a fortress mentality.

The diverse meanings and values associated with our mental maps and images of the Gold Coast are more than just daydreams. They form the raw material for the construction and selling of the city's image, identity and lifestyle as the Gold Coast competes nationally and globally for kudos and investment capital.

The forum will bring together people from the arts, urban and regional planning, tourism, architecture, communication and media, and cultural studies - plus anyone interested in the future of the Gold Coast - to explain, discuss and debate the kind of cultural symbolism and cultural capital the Gold Coast will need to draw on and exploit if it is to become the perfect, postmodern - perhaps a touch peculiar - city of the 21st Century.

For further information, please contact
Dr Grahame Griffin
School of Arts
Griffith University Gold Coast
PMB 50 Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9726


Mapping This City Sinister

PYTW invites young writers (15+) to check out our newest Interactive Writing Project.

MAPPING THIS CITY SINISTER - by Fiona Sprott This hypertextual writing is layered with episodic images, the text weaves its way through the journey explored in the images. Through these hypertextual pages you will quickly become immersed within the text. Through the journey you are encouraged to interact further by submitting your own writings, responding to the text. Mapping this City Sinister will remain interactive until late June 1998 and all new writings will be posted weekly on to the site. There is also the potential to get feedback on your writing from our Virtual Writer.

PYTW hosted Adelaide's Fiona Sprott as Writer in Residence. Her writing captures some of the contemporary and historic spirit of a port community.

This project is a collaboration between Port Youth Theatre Workshop (PYTW) and the United Trades and Labor Council's (UTLC SA) Arts Programme. We were interested in exploring the notions of identity and community life in a port. Two project areas emerged that engage different audiences and online arts practice. They are the online Gallery and Mapping this City Sinister - interactive writing. This project is being launched via the internet on Thursday 30th April, 1998. PYTW is now drawing in a broader and virtual community.

Online Gallery

View this unique gallery space with artwork from local primary school children. This section of the project invited students from the Port Adelaide area to submit artwork to become the content for the gallery. A team of young Internet designers curated and developed what is now the online gallery. Robin Goodfellow was the Artist in Residence for this section of the project.

The Online Gallery and Mapping this City Sinister have been designed by PYTW's Multi Media Co-ordinator, Graham West with Artistic Direction by Lylie Fisher.

web location - http://www.adelaide.net.au/~pytw/ipax

For further details regarding these exciting projects contact Desiree - email pytw@camtech.net.au


How did she affect you? Our culture?
Was she fairy princess or media toy?
Cult heroine or satiric target? Symbol or symptom of our age?

A new mass market popular culture magazine would be glad to consider your contributions: poetry, short stories, hybrid texts, scripts, voxpop articles, essays up to 2000 words - all styles and interpretations welcome

Annie Cossins, Brook Emery, and Margaret Metz
30 Schwebel Street Marrickville. NSW 2204
by 1 November 1998



get a taste of Menstrual Pudding -

Menstrual Pudding will be launched by Poet and Political Activist Kerry Reed Gilbert at the NSW Writers Centre as part of the NSW Spring Writing Festival on 12 September at 3.00 pm.

The launch will be a celebration featuring dance, music and of course readings from Menstrual Pudding. All Welcome.

For more information, howto purchase Menstrual Pudding, ($8AU, plus postage and handling) contact the author direct - e:mail: sub@zip.com.au


The Animist Electronic Journal of the Arts is calling for contributions for its October and January editions. We are looking for quality poetry, short stories, essays, articles, interviews, art work/photographic work and reviews. We are also looking for audio samples of music, performance poetry, interview extracts etc. for possible inclusion in the journal (see the submissions page of the journal for details of how to submit these). Text based material and small size JPEG or GIF graphics can be sent by e-mail, asphodel@iaccess.com.au or posted to:
The Animist
P.O. Box 309
Victoria 3551

Our website is: http://www.diskotech.com.au/asphodel

In terms of essays and articles we are particularly interested in well written material on the following topics:

Ian and Sue


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Vol 2 No 2 October 1998
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady