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Last update: 30th September 1999

Conference 1999

Over My Dead Body: Joining Elitist/Popularist Fronts

REGISTRATION DETAILS 4th Annual Conference, Australian Association of Writing Programs

1st-3rd October at Western Australian State Library, Francis Street, City of Perth (Arts Precinct, Northbridge).


Student/Unwaged $ 85*

Student/Unwaged $ 45

CONFERENCE DINNER (Saturday 2nd Oct) $ 25 (not including drinks) at "Happy Buddha"

*Registration by 15th September will entitle you to a reduced price of $160 (full) and $80 (student)

(OVER MY DEAD BODY: 4th National AAWP Conference 1st- 3rd October)

The W.A. Writers Forum and Library and Information Services of W.A. annual tributes will be delivered on Friday 1st October to three of the state's senior authors: Dramatist Jack Davis, Novelist Tom Hungerford and Poet Alec Choate. The event will be held in the Alexander Library Theatre from 6:30-8:00pm. Admission is free and open to the public. The Tributes also form part of the fourth National Conference of the Australian Association of Writing Programs being held in Perth for the first time.

Keynote speakers at the Conference include Elizabeth Jolley (herself a writing teacher at Curtin University of Technology for nearly two decades), Kim Scott (award-winning Aboriginal novelist), Tony Curtis (internationally-known Irish poet and writing teacher, based in Dublin), Nicholas Hasluck (Australia's distinguished novelist and QC), Heather Nimmo (national award-winning dramatist) and Judith Rodriguez (poet and National President of the AAWP) and many other distinguished writers and teachers.

Teachers of professional and creative writing programs in universities and post-secondary colleges from all over Australia will gather in Perth from 1st to 3rd October for their Annual Conference. The Conference's unusual theme (viz "Over My Dead Body: Joining Elitist/Popularist Fronts") reflects new eclectic trends in writing courses.

The Library and Information Service of W.A. is chief sponsor of the Conference along with leading W.A. Universities. In fact, the State Librarian, Dr Lyn Allen, will open the Conference at 2pm on Friday 1st October in the State Library Lecture Theatre. The Conference can be attended by the public but there are sessional fees except for the Tribute.

Further information from:

Caroline Horobin (08) 9271 0018 / 04 1894 1922
Patrick West (08) 9228 1232
Jane Quinsee (08) 9370 6304
Glen Phillips (08) 9370 6309 email: g.phillips@cowan.edu.au
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The 2000 Faulding Award for Multimedia

The South Australian Government invites entries for
The 2000 Faulding Award for Multimedia
A National Award for a work of creative writing which seeks to use the full potential of new media, valued at $10,000.

Judges will not only be seeking examples of outstanding writing integral to the work but works which show a command of the potential of new media in the writer's/writers' use of interactivity, sound, graphics and moving image. Works which are collaborations between writers and other artists (visual, sound, graphics, moving image) are sought along with works by individuals. However, the award, which recognises quality creative writing, will be awarded to the writer/s only.

* Works produced to be delivered solely on-line or via CD-Roms will in general be given preference over adapted works previously published in print, performed on stage or radio or released on film or video.

* Authors must be Australian citizens or resident in Australia. In the case of collaborative on-line writing projects, which include the work of international writers, only the work by Australian writer/s is eligible for the award.

Entry deadline: 5 pm 1 November 1999

The Faulding Award for Multimedia is a category of the South Australian Government's 2000 Festival Awards for Literature. The Festival Awards for Literature will be announced during Writers' Week of the Adelaide Festival of Arts in March 2000.

For Festival Awards for Literature guidelines and nominations forms, please contact Arts SA, telephone 08 8207 7100, facsimile 08 8207 7147 or email Disney.Chris@saugov.sa.gov.au

The Faulding Award for Multimedia is proudly sponsored by the South Australian Government through Arts SA and F.H. Faulding & Co.

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Vol 3 No 2 October 1999
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady