M.T.C. Cronin and Alison Daniel



Three Poems




M.T.C. Cronin


Over time,
the edges of this book have curled,
lips travelled to the corners of its pages
through fingertips and moisture
of glands has entered the weave of its paper
in rivers that run from unformed words
to formed, from one sea and one
ink to the place where
narrative split its heart into tributaries
of desire, ooh and aah boats sailing like
words like sailing on the white water missing
the banks and sailing, without
moving, into the escaping


M.T.C. Cronin


language has come here
like something
awfully light
and like strategy
with its ball
and chain

the said
the anchor
both let down and drawn up
both remaining
and moving on
travelling within the stop
and stopping
at silence
so to travel

weightless at birth
it soon knows gravity
and avoidance
scandal with every word
and that peace
that comes
with estrangement
from the self

each and each and each
other and other
and the other
this imaginary community
that exists in I
and is there
if we say it


Alison Daniel

Salty Stars

the smell of your sweat is the same
as washing your name in the sand
i sprinkle on the altar of trashy gods
with dark blue faces. i've seen their
resolute celebration in pillow books
from india and nepal. the courtesans
wear lots of make-up and sometimes
enter drug induced trances that
intensify all senses into a sublime
etiquette when undressing for sex
and i wonder if they lick the salty
star of armpits which is what i'd
like to do to you when we're naked.


M.T.C. Cronin is a poet of national standing whose colelctions include
Everything Holy and the world beyond the fig.

Alison Daniel is a Tasmanis writer whose work has been widely published in literary journals including Poetrix, Hobo, SideWalk, Southerly, Famous Reporter.

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Vol 5 No 1 April 2001
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady