TEXT Vol 13 No 1 April 2009




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Nicola Boyd
Describing the creative writing thesis: a census of creative writing doctorates, 1993-2008

Donna Lee Brien
Opening lines of communication: demanding access to quality avenues for research dissemination

Camilla Nelson
Best practice? The problem of peer reviewed creative practice research

Dominique Hecq
Enter ghosts, authors and translators

Christopher Bowman
Writing fiction close to home

Genevieve Kaplan
Ekphrasis for writers: John Ashbery's 'Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror'

Gay Lynch
Apocryphal stories in Kate Grenville's Searching for the Secret River

Mark Carthew
Into the labyrinth. Early career research: the academic journey and the publishing maze

Maggie Butt Naming of Things
Christopher (Kit) Kelen a temple visit
Jeff Klooger The Modern Text

Graeme Harper and Jeri Kroll (eds) Creative Writing Studies: Practice, Research and Pedagogy
review by Donna Lee Brien
Stephen Tanner, Molly Kasinger and Nick Richardson Feature Writing: Telling the Story
review by Jane Johnston
Suzanne Falkiner Joan in India
review by Willa McDonald



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Vol 13 No 1 April 2009
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb