TEXT poetry


Dallas Angguish

Word of Mouth



is like slow-licking the one you love;
dragging tastebuds
from the hump of hipbone,
along the rutted plane of ribs,
            those undulations
            akin to tyre-ruts on an outback trail,
            a fleshy Braille of exaltations, beats, punctuations,
until you reach the soft indents of the neck
and lay down a blitzkrieg of kisses
and bites,
unable to keep your breath,
you roll over,
            fall on your back,
and demand/beg to be treated the same.

In other words,
Writing is about tongue
and groove
and rapture.


Dallas Angguish is a doctoral candidate in Writing at Griffith University. Dallas is a queer writer of poetry and short fiction with work published in the journals Lodestar Quarterly, Retort Magazine, Polari Journal and in the anthologies Anywhere But Here (2006), Bend, Don’t Shatter (2004), and Dumped (2000 and US edition 2002). His novel The Last Poem of 1984 is being published as an ebook (2010). His research interests are Queer Theory and its application to Creative Writing pedagogy and practice, and collaborative creativity in the context of writing for the stage and screen.


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Vol 14 No 2 October 2010
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb