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David Mortimer

Lobster Logic



Intelligence is often the enemy of poetry
because it limits too much, and it elevates
 the poet to a sharp-edged throne where
he forgets that ants could eat him or that
a great arsenic lobster could fall on his head.
Federico Garcia Lorca


World is alive with the rattling of
All kinds of ants
Coming out of earth, metal
Wood, shed, yard, concrete, bricks
Ready to eat the poet

Between a library of lino, cups and
Rubbed watermarks and grime
The interstitial reckoning
Tracks sugar and logic

While the pure disjunctive
Furtherance of this mnemonic
Conserves kinetic energy
And arsenic



David Mortimer is working on a third collection of poetry, for which he has received Arts SA support.  Mortimer believes poems are for speaking out loud and for carrying with us – as thought, conversation, music, argument; they should entertain the eye, the ear, the mouth and the mind.



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Vol 14 No 2 October 2010
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb