TEXT Vol 16 No 2 October 2012


‘Without TEXT, the practice, research, and pedagogy of creative writing at the university level would be in dire straits’

Text Special Issue Number 14
Beyond practice-led research
Edited by Scott Brook and Paul Magee

Text Special Issue Number 15
Creative Writing as Research II
Edited by Nigel Krauth and Donna Lee Brien

Text Special Issue Number 16
Strengthening learning and teaching leadership in the creative arts
Edited by Barbara de la Harpe, Thembi Mason and Donna Lee Brien

Jeri Kroll and Katrina Finlayson
Transforming creative writing postgraduate and supervisor identities: Ways of becoming professional

Martin Andrew
Forewarned is forearmed: The brave new world of (Creative) Writing online

Sean Sturm
Terra (in)cognita: Mapping academic writing

Grant Caldwell and Kevin Brophy
The poet-paradox: A model of the psychological moment of composition in lyric poetry

Candice J Fox
The poetry of survival: The shifting landscape of poetry in the Australian publishing industry

Stephen Abblitt
Missiles and missives: Toward a Nuclear Criticism, or How I learned to stop worrying and love this dangerous writing

Sue Joseph
Secrets and ‘eloquent episodes’: The power of telling the buried story

Brooke Davis
Catching the light: Finding words for grief with Lewis, Didion and Woolf

Nigel Krauth
Alcohol and the writing process

Catherine McKinnon
Writing white, writing black, and events at Canoe Rivulet

Zoe Fraser
Springsteen, six muses and me: Music and the writing process

Michael Gardiner, Some lines on the impertinence of being earnest
Karina Quinn, The body that moves the hand that writes

Richard James Allen, Birthplace
Heather Taylor Johnson, Writing
Anthony Lawrence, Narrativity

Peter Mitchell, Compassionate Bastard
review by Ian Macphee
Dianne Donnelly, Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline
review by Jeremy Fisher
Dianne Donnelly (ed), Does the Writing Workshop Still Work?
review by Marcelle Freiman
Graeme Lay (ed), Home and Away: Award-winning Travel Stories
review by Gail Pittaway
Dallas Angguish, America Divine
review by Jane Browning
Southpaw Journal Issue 1
review by Helen Gildfind



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Vol 16 No 2 October 2012
Editors: Nigel Krauth, Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo