TEXT Vol 17 No 2 October 2013


Open access journals and hoax academic discourse

Text Special Issue Number 18
Nonfiction Now
Edited by David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short

Text Special Issue Number 19
Scriptwriting as creative writing research
Edited by Dallas Baker and Debra Beattie

Text Special Issue Number 20
Writing creates ecology: ecology creates writing
Edited by Martin Harrison, Deborah Bird Rose, Lorraine Shannon and Kim Satchell

Text Special Issue Number 21
Scores from another ground: writing in New Zealand
Edited by Lisa Emerson and Gail Pittway

Text Special Issue Number 22
Examination of doctoral degrees in creative arts: process, practice and standards
Edited by Jen Webb, Donna Lee Brien and Sandra Burr

Text Special Issue Number 23
Textbooks and educational texts in the 21st century: writing, publishing and reading
Edited by Mike Horsley and Donna Lee Brien

Text Special Issue Number 24
Cookbooks: writing, reading and publishing culinary literature in Australasia
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Adele Wessell

Susan Taylor Suchy
The social media marketplace in the ‘quaint’ Creative Writing classroom: Our terms for engagement

Louise Tondeur
A search for a creative pedagogy: How research can inform teaching practice in creative writing

Tony Williams
Iterations: Days, walks, episodes, chapters, scenes

Filipa Bellette
Interrogating whiteness: A precarious cross-cultural/racial creative writing PhD journey

Dave Drayton
Staying alive: Contemporary English application of biji

Michael Sala
Confession and third party revelation in memoir: The narrator, the confessant, and textual strategies for decentring the memoirist’s authority

Holly Ringland
Nested dolls: ‘Inner storytelling’ and the creative writing process

Desmond Barry
Wrestling with Aristotle

Melissa Ashley
Leaves of a diary: Searching for Elizabeth Gould in the archives of the Mitchell Library

Prose and Poetry
Sue Woolfe, The Puzzle of the Muse
Simon Holloway, …is Forthcoming
MW Davis, 2 poems
Brigita Orel, The house I will live in
Grace Dwyer, A novel idea


David Morley and Philip Neilsen (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing
review by Shane Strange
Jeri Kroll and Graeme Harper (eds), Research Methods in Creative Writing
review by Marion May Campbell
Dominique Hecq (ed), The Creativity Market: Creative Writing in the 21st Century
review by Jeri Kroll
Kirsten Krauth (ed), Talking Writing
review by Helen Gildfind
Amal Chatterjee (ed), Creative Writing: Writers on Writing
review by Jeremy Fisher
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Mid-century Women Writers
review by Victoria Reeve
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Islands and Archipelagos
review by Laurie Hergenhan
Kirsten Krauth, just_a_girl
review by Sandra Burr
Finola Moorhead, A Handwritten Modern Classic
review by Jay Daniel Thompson
Kristin Henry, All the way home
review by Elizabeth Claire Alberts
Dan Disney, and then when the
review by Cassandra Atherton
A Frances Johnson, The Wind-up Birdman of Moorabool Street
review by Susie Utting
Susie Utting, Flame in the Fire
review by Autumn Royal
Toby Davidson, Beast Language
review by Justin Clemens


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Vol 17 No 2 October 2013
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo
Creative works editor: Anthony Lawrence. Reviews editor: Linda Weste